Equus Therapeutic, Inc.
P.O. Box 1654, Lanesborough, MA 01237
(413) 841-2709

Our Horses


Annie is owned by one of

our board members, who is

generously loaning her to Equus

to fill in as needed. We are

lucky to have this great





Elvis is "the King" of the Equus program.

He's the most versatile of our horses

and takes care of everyone from our

beginners to our most advanced riders.


Fizzbomb (aka Fizz)

This Appaloosa gelding entered

the program in June 2014. He is

proving to be a sturdy, steady guy

who loves his new job. Fizz enjoys

attention, and is just the right

size for little kids, big kids, and grown-ups too.


Thank you to Dianna and Tracie, Equus

volunteers whose generous donations

allowed us to purchase Fizz.



This adorable pony arrived in Septermber

2014 and is on a long-term lease to us.

His owner agreed to let him come

after she helped with our summer program

and knew he would be just the pony we needed--

and that he'd be getting lots of love and attention.

And, yes, everyone loves Leo.



Our great pony Magic officially retired on June 30, 2014. He is now a companion to one other horse, owned by a longtime friend of Equus. He is living at a little private farm, where he gets to hang out in a grassy paddock and just take it easy.


We have started a scholarship fund in Magic's honor. Anyone who contributes a minimum of $50 to the fund will receive a 20-page hardbound book, written for children and filled with photos of Magic. To contribute to the fund, contact us by clicking here.


Also, thank you to the Berkshire Carousel, which has honored Magic by making a horse in his likeness!



Horse Wanted

We are currently looking for another horse to add to the program. We can accept a donation, or we can take a horse on a full or partial free lease. If you know of a sound, well-mannered horse, ideally between the ages of 8 and 15 (but older horses in good health also considered), please email us by clicking here.