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Equus Lessons and Rates


Therapeutic riding involves horseback riding and other equine-related activities designed to help people with cognitive, physical, emotional, and social challenges reach their fullest potential. The rhythmic motion of the horse provides a neuromuscular stimulation that no other form of exercise can replicate.

Therapeutic riding has been shown to improve:



At Equus, our licensed riding instructors match riders with horses,

choose tack and equipment, and tailor each lesson's activities to the rider's needs and goals.


Therapeutic riding lessons may include basic balanced-seat riding instruction; both competitive and cooperative games on horseback using a variety of adaptive equipment; and challenges like obstacle courses or dressage patterns.


Many Equus riders begin on a leadline with a trained horse leader and one or more sidewalkers. The goal for most riders is to progress to riding independently at the walk, trot, and sometimes even canter.


Therapeutic horsemanship also goes beyond riding; the bond between rider and horse fosters compassion, trust, and empathy. Riders also gain from the bonds they form with the instructors, volunteers, and other riders.



We offer half-hour private, one-hour semiprivate, and one-hour group lessons. Riders usually sign up for 8-week sessions. (Excused absences do not result in fewer lessons; in such cases, the session continues until all 8 rides are completed.)



½-Hour Private


$240/8 weeks


1-Hour Semiprivate (2 riders)


$220/8 weeks


1-Hour Group


$200/8 weeks


We want to make lessons affordable to as many riders as possible; if payment

is a concern, please speak to the program director (Janet).


To Register for Lessons

We require the following forms for all riders (click on each to download):


1. Registration Form.

2. Rider Release Form.

3. Parent/Guardian or Teacher Assessment Form.

4. Medical History Form.


You may also pick up copies of these forms in person.

Or click here to have them sent to you via mail or e-mail.


All Equus riders and volunteers, and those who accompany them to the barn,

must follow our Barn Safety Rules.

For a copy of those rules, click here.


Please note that we prefer children to be at least 4 years old to start therapeutic riding lessons. We will consider children ages 2 to 3 on a case-by-case basis; for safety reasons, we cannot accommodate children under the age of 2. There is, however, no upper age limit, as long as rider has physician approval.