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Some of Our Stories

"In January 2012, Cheyanna suffered an anoxic brain injury, which brought us to the Equus Therapeutic program. There are not enough words to describe how amazing this program is. It has not only helped her gain her physical strength back, but has increased her motor planning abilities and social skills. She has such a big feeling of pride in herself and her accomplishments."

--parent of Equus rider Cheyanna



"Breanna was very withdrawn. . . . She used to be a flower bud . . . now, she is starting to bloom into a beautiful flower. I have watched how wonderfully the volunteers work with the children and the respect they show. . . . It makes me so happy to see her smile."

--grandmother of Equus rider Breanna






"Hippotherapy has been a wonderful experience [for Cam] and has strengthened her core and sharpened her mental skills. We are starting therapeutic riding and couldn't be happier with the easy transition made possible by the Equus staff!"

--parent of Equus rider Camryn



". . . Before I started riding I was a very shy girl. Now I am easier to talk to. I love to chat but most of all I love to ride. My new favorite motto is 'Sometimes I ride to forget, but I never forget to ride.'"

--Emily, Equus rider



"I went to horseback riding because it's really fun

and it teaches us to focus. I'm learning how to

steer the horse myself, how to trot with the horse, and how to communicate with the horse so I know what it wants. Those are the reasons why I like horseback riding, and how I never want to stop

doing it."

--Audrey, Equus rider





"I started riding at Equus when I was 10 years old. It felt so freeing and kind of magical to be up there on top of a horse.

I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, which mainly affects my legs. It means that my leg muscles have more spasticity and tightness and are weaker than the average person's. . . . I continue to ride and I do see marked progress in my walking compared to when I don't ride. The stretching I receive from being on horseback is hard to find elsewhere, not to mention the fun factor!"

--Marianne, Equus rider





"I started to ride with the Equus program when I was seven years old. . . . It took me about three weeks of going and walking the horse around and petting the horse. Then on the fourth week I decided to get on the horse and ride, and I loved it so much. . . . If it wasn't for the Equus program I wouldn't have the self-confidence I have in myself. . . . I would like to thank my instructor, Sandy, and Janet and Jenna and Mark and all the volunteers for everything they have done for me over the years." 

--Artie, Equus Rider



Mark and Christopher Paquette

Mark Paquette, president of the Equus board of directors, is also the program's most dedicated volunteer. He joined the Equus family when his son Christopher began riding. Read their inspiring story here.